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“When I was 25 years of age I started to indulge in alcohol and became addicted.
When I was 47 years of age I was desperately unhappy and tried to commit suicide.
I contacted Patrick Connolly and he agreed to see me. After 2 sessions on analysis, I suddenly recalled the repressed memories from my childhood. Another 5 sessions saw me coming to terms with those memories and forgiving those who were involved.
Although I sometimes have moments of sadness, I am now able to live a fairly happy life.”
Ann, 47 (not her real name)


Hypnosis for smoking. Hypnosis for anxiety & Depression.
In clinical trials, Hypnosis was the most effective method for the cessation of smoking. It comes ahead of all other methods by a huge margin, (almost three times as effective as the next best method). One or two sessions of Hypnotherapy is usually sufficient for smoking cessation.
Hypnosis is a process that is natural and safe. It is essentially a cognitive (thought) process. It involves focusing on a suggestion. By focusing on a suggestion hypnosis allows the suggestion to enter the sub-conscious. Suggestions, much as “You are a natural healthy non-smoker, you are happy to be a non-smoker”, take root in the sub-conscious and that is why hypnosis is so effective for smoking cessation.

When you first started learning to drive a car, you had to concentrate on the gear stick, on the clutch and brakes. All those actions were carried out on a conscious level. After a while, those actions become automatic and on an unconscious level. Sometimes, we arrive at our destination and have little or no recollection of the journey to get there. Our sub-conscious mind took control and carried out all the functions necessary to get us safely to our destination.

People who are of strong mind, and are capable of imagination respond well to being hypnotised. Self-hypnosis can be taught and this can have a powerful impact on your life, resulting in positive and lasting changes. You can construct your person and interpersonal reality.